Everything in Balance


We listen carefully to what works and doesn’t work in your current living circumstance. We listen and observe the existing home’s configuration and energy signature. The ideas spring forth – often arriving during the first meeting or soon after. This creates a template for the Planning Phase.


Creativity flows through simple drawings and imagery of what the home could be – a blend that comes from our desk and your vision. We collaborate as form, color, texture, and detail fall into place. The concept evolves towards full Plans and Specifications. Getting it right means it fits you and your budget.

From here it goes to CAD drawings, structural engineering, soil tests (if there is an addition or new construction), and energy code compliance.


Get the job done. Along the way we have researched zoning and building code compliance. This may involve bringing preliminary plans to the city or county offices early in the process, then permit application. Sometimes historical districting comes into play.

We put the project out to bid with qualified local builders. We review the bids carefully to help you choose the right company for the job … and get on to making it real, i.e., START BUILDING!

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