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Nicholas Borrell integrates his experience-based, 3-D “builder’s mind” with his intuitive/empathic “healer’s mind.”

Nicholas BorrellAs a small business owner and former general contractor, Nicholas has 35+ years of technical, practical experience as a builder. His knowledge of homeopathy, flower essences, feng shui, nutrition and hypnotherapy, acquired through continual personal study and professional training, add a level of depth and sensitivity to the remodeling process – a demanding experience that can be challenging to many.

As Designer and/or Project Manager, Nicholas is a representative for the Homeowner; through his background as a builder, he facilitates with ease. This gifted blend of talents results in a unique and comprehensive approach to home design that is holistic and artful.

“I never apply a preordained template. Every client and every project is unique. I know that even small or subtle adjustments in physical space improve one’s quality of life. This work is client-centered; by listening carefully to my client’s needs and assessing the condition of the building, I hope to improve aesthetics, health and happiness.” – Nicholas

This website reflects the blended talents of three individuals …

Nicholas, as photographer and writer, is blessed by the creative contributions of two family members.

Anne BorrellAnne Borrell is a freelance Graphic Designer for Web and Print. On behalf of The Healing Home, Anne is an Editor, Contributing Author, Photographer, and Social Media Manager. See more of her work at anniebDESIGNS.me.

Jesse R. BorrellJesse R. Borrell is a Media Artist working in video and film. His video is featured on the Process page and his beautiful photos are scattered throughout this website. See more of Jesse’s work at JesseBorrell.com and NOCOAST.tv.

Visit our original website TheHealingHome.me for more information, essays, and photographs.

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