We have created tremendous imbalance on the material/physical level of our planetary story. Consumer madness fuels an undue taking of resources from the body of Earth/Gaia and has left large holes in the energy grid of the planet. The best way to begin the repair – perhaps the only way to do it – is through changes in our own personal stories and the effect those stories may have on the world we are creating.

Who we are, and what we do, where we live, and what we share, has a huge impact on our world. Our bodies, and by intention our dwellings, shape, and process our relationship with divine source energy. This energy is also known as prana, or chi, or the Tao. It is subtle, flexible, endless, and knowable, through its effect on the physical plane.

The Healing Home

In the name The Healing Home, I liken ‘healing’ to the remodeling process – tearing out the old, culling what is stale, and creating anew. The process of healing is the constant purification of the infinitely renewable source flow. When we change our relationship with our physical, structural world, we radiate a freer, more open flow. All healing is release.

When a client calls me for design support – to address the physical, structural reality of a building – I bring my creative mind to the real, practical, deliberate task; and I bring my intention to lift the energy of the space – to cleanse, refresh, and reinvigorate. This is intrinsic to the process of The Healing Home.