How do you feel within your home?

Does your home hold or block energy?

Does it have poor air circulation, erratic temperature modulation, or awkward traffic flow?

Stagnant energy may result in emotional or physical discomfort.

Enhance the true potential of your home and well-being
by altering the architecture and improving aesthetics.


Symmetry.  Sanctuary.  Craftsmanship.  Color.

Healthy.  Happy.  At Home.

The Healing Home provides
practical and creative

Architectural Design and Planning
and Project Management

with a holistic perspective

based upon

Authentic Listening
Ideation  &  Collaboration

Getting it right means it fits you … Your budget and your lifestyle.

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Home as Sanctuary = Health and Well-Being

Why the ‘healing’ home?

We have created tremendous imbalance on the material/physical level of our planetary story. Consumer madness fuels an undue taking of resources from the body of Earth/Gaia and has

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The Wish List

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