Why the ‘healing’ home?

We have created tremendous imbalance on the material/physical level of our planetary story. Consumer madness fuels an undue taking of resources from the body of Earth/Gaia and has left large holes in the energy grid

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Birthing a new Habitat – Flower Essences to the Rescue

All healing is about releasing stuck or ‘held’ energy. You may be surprised that this applies to home remodeling too. Within the structure of the building lays an accumulation of emotional/physical/spiritual experiences of its occupants.

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Creating Sanctuary

"Sister, can you give me shelter from the storm?”    – Bob Dylan Sanctuary and shelter are more important than ever. Modern-day lament: a friend said to me, “THEY won’t let me turn my phone off.

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The Health Benefits of a “Breathable” Home

I was reminded recently of how important air circulation is in our dwellings. I heard a comment about a child’s apparent allergy issues being linked to Black Mold in a Denver home. Sensitivity to allergens is

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All that Glitters isn’t Gold

The inner workings of your home – the framing, wiring, plumbing, and fastening – are intricate and essential. But most people don't give them a thought, as drywall buries it all. Understandably, most clients are finish-oriented – but

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Windows of the Soul

On August 4, 2016, The New York Times published an article, “How Sunflowers Follow the Sun, Day after Day” and it inspired me. At dawn, whole fields of sunflowers stand at attention, all facing east,

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The Sacred and the Profane

As I travel through my architectural world I am privileged to visit the inside of many private homes; doing so helps me to understand and appreciate the lives and lifestyles of my clients so that the

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The “Trouble” with Construction

It would be easy to say that the mantra of construction is “happily ever after.” Yes, it is possible to feel satisfaction post-project if the design is right and the construction values are high. But, BEWARE ... the

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The Wish List

You love your home, your nest, your abode. You have been thinking about all of the changes you might do if: You had the money You knew exactly what you would change You had the

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