The inner workings of your home – the framing, wiring, plumbing, and fastening – are intricate and essential. But most people don’t give them a thought, as drywall buries it all. Understandably, most clients are finish-oriented – but what you see at the end of the project is only eye candy.

Do we really care about what lies underneath?

Like the bones in your body (which hold you erect and organized), and your circulatory system (which supports the flow of oxygen and nutrients), the bones of your home maintain its structural integrity.

I often stop at ongoing jobs to see what the competition is up to. I can tell right away if capable and thorough subs have been there – craftsmen and craftswomen who care about the work. It shows in the details from the beginning to the end of the construction process. Sure, the inner workings will get covered … but there is no hiding sloppy workmanship or a messy workplace.

Take the complex trade of plumbing, for example. We don’t use much copper in residential work these days. Plastic products (labeled “human consumption approved”) with compression fittings are now code-approved everywhere. When we used copper for plumbing lines and drains, the routing of the pipes through the walls was precise and true. It took years to learn pipefitting as a trade and craft – after all, a leak could ruin a house.

You still find copper in the elegant, steam-punky fittings of condensing boilers and radiant heat manifolds – their clean organized layouts with valves and supplies and returns are both artistic and functional. We still use copper in roofing and flashing applications; watching the rain and atmosphere age the surface to subtle browns and greens is poetry in action, and it isn’t covered up by drywall.

Okay … so, to the average eye, the finely finished trim detail is impressive and the finished floors shine with lacquered gloss. But to my eye, each piece of the home – from the hole in the ground to the hardware, to the last painter’s brushstroke – is integral and beautiful.

And, like the intelligence of the human body, the mechanical systems of your home nurture an essential pulse of life: you and your family!

Healthy and Happy at Home.