Flow, function, balance, beauty and craftsmanship are the goal of The Healing Home. Why waste the time, money, and effort for less than the highest possible outcome?

Starting with a comprehensive approach to the homeowner’s project, an architectural plan evolves. Every homeowner is unique; the home is a ‘second skin’ reflecting his or her unique tastes and needs. Let’s explore what design suits your style.

Choosing economy does not necessarily preclude the desired outcome of harmony and quality.

Doing less in precisely the correct way can lead to very powerful results. Choosing just the right piece of wood and installing it carefully creates a language and speaks volumes about the artisan that did the work. Pride, care, even love of life come streaming through! This same principle applies to every tile, piece of sheetrock or roof shingle.

Most of the work done in residential remodeling and homebuilding is driven by the carpenter’s skill.

Even minimalist design – whether modern or prairie or zen – has the intention of using fine craftsmanship to power the outcome. When a human being sets his/her intention on doing something “right” or “well”, the energy of the action of doing it stays in the product and has a life of its own.

Contemporary construction values often substitute expediency for quality and longevity. Building something that lasts and has a perpetual energy signature does not necessarily have to take that much more time and expense to create. Place two piles of construction materials side-by-side, give a novice carpenter and a master carpenter the same plans and you will certainly get two different results!

In the hands of the master craftsman good design is refined, weak design resolved, and the potential in the materials realized. And, nothing is wasted. Economies of time and value are part of the implicit mandate of craftsmanship.

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