We live inside a clockwork of rhythm and balance; the tides move in-and-out in the oceans, the moon cycles guide this flow. The moon also controls our inner emotional tidal flow; growth cycles, menstrual cycles, planting seasons, hormonal secretions – all in balance as life moves in its daily rhythm. There are other rhythmic movements that impact our personal patterns: sun rising and setting; seasonal progressions; animal migrations; traffic patterns. Balanced systems govern our lives and health.

We are living during a time where the regular dynamic pathways through which prana flows are changing. Solar storms of charged particles continuously bombard the Earth. Think microwave. Environmental challenge pushes the weather to new and unprecedented heights of change. It is critical to maintain balance in our physical environment – our bodies, our homes – in balance with these heightened energy challenges or pay the consequences.

Over-development of fragile terrain is a critical issue. Some examples: low lying barrier islands in hurricane belts; housing tracts cut into the raw, slide-prone canyons of the Pacific coast; building upon an earthquake fault or beneath an active volcano. During these times of active climate change, we should be very careful where we live and what type of structure we live in.

We create our shelter to protect us from the normal extremes of weather. Our home’s structure and proportion create a resonant energy signature surrounding our lives. It is the place where we eat, sleep, raise our children, make love, make noise, argue and resolve our issues, and so much more. How we use this space goes a long way in determining the quality of life within.

The Golden Mean

When I “feel” the energy of a building, I am sensing the shape and balance of the spaces within. Proportion is critical to balance. A key to understanding this lies in the concept of the Golden Mean. This is a proportion of 3 to 2. Building spaces that are rectangular with multiples of 3 on the length and multiples of 2 on the width approximate the balance inherent in the Golden Mean. Spaces that are too long and narrow are better used as hallways pushing/conveying energy and facilitating movement from one point to another.

The shape of a space, based upon the positioning of the walls and ceilings, holds and resonates energy. We definitely feel this as an emotional response. The cathedral with its soaring vaulted roof is meant to humble and inspire the humans within. We wouldn’t want to feel humble in our bedrooms; the bedroom should be proportioned to instill a sense of calm, quietude, privacy, with the first rays of the morning sun peeking through the curtains; a place to love and care for each other, a place for renewal of vital force through sleep.

Your living spaces are best sized and proportioned for the activities they are meant to support. There are remedies for spaces of incorrect proportion:

  • Depending upon the proposed use of the area, we may open cluttered areas by removing walls or closets
  • Cathedral ceilings that are too high can be lowered and trayed adding angular pitch to the unpitched end of a room
  • Rooms that are too long can get built-ins at one or more ends to bring the proportions in closer to the magic 3 to 2 that feels so comfortable
  • Kitchens that are too wide open can have islands or peninsulas built to focus the space more effectively
The natural flow of energy/prana will follow any shape we create. Pyramids are spectacular focusing/amplifying devices, but would you want to live inside one?