“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”
– John Keats, British poet

Driving high above the Colorado River west of Hot Sulphur Springs with the late day sunlight streaming and clear, the beauty of the moment was undeniable. It is said that timing is everything … and I don’t doubt it, at least on this particular afternoon.

Reaching the top of a winding dirt road landed us in another world. A thunderstorm has recently passed and the air still had the tang of ozone.

It is rarely so damp in western Colorado. Early sage bloomed everywhere – highlighted by a slanting, near-sunset light. In the distance, the mountains of the Gore Range and Rabbit Ears Pass above Steamboat set the cameo moment alight. I felt I had ARRIVED.

Running around the pick-up whooping. WOW, can you BELIEVE this? I backed the truck around so the tailgate faced the scene. We sat for a while to drink it in. The memory now is as clear as that evening light.

True ‘time travel’ is a journey through memory. The resonance of a moment of beauty is truly a joy forever – because at the cellular level we store the feelings of our experiences – to be tapped like a fine-casked wine whenever the spirit moves us.

I have often wondered why something is called “beautiful” … or something “not beautiful”. Is it natural, archetypal patterning, to look at a flower and recognize its loveliness, its amazing complexity? The deeper we look the more remarkable the view. This process requires taking the time to see the blossom in the moment – for afterward, it exists nowhere else except in memory.

Balance, Harmony, Beauty.

Human beings create beautiful things. In fact, it is something we are especially good at.

In my work as a designer and builder, I conjure the music of Beauty. Balance and harmony are my tools. Each creation is a unique product pulled out of my magician’s hat. The ideas are cellular – little pieces or notes of a tune within. I need to give them “time” to format. It’s a fermentation process, a birth process, a train arriving at a station.

I like to think that the true great engines of consciousness are synchronicity, serendipity, and creation.

The timing was right.

Just as the sun pierced through the clouds, my mind sang to me … Go higher!  We were deep in the flow that evening – so as luck would have it, Colorado 20 appeared on the right, below a steep grade. As I made the turn, I got that feeling … a GREAT ROAD! Serendipity in action, one of the big gears sending opportunity at us. Our creative choice stirs the magic up, stirs the energy up. It adds an audience to the unfolding saga in every moment.

At the top of the hill, oh boy, what a view! Who doesn’t love a beautiful view? The cellular memory of the moment lasts forever. It’s a brilliant system to store our feelings, on tap … a billion microbrews of thought to play with.

When a client brings a vision to me, I listen very carefully. He or she is sharing a vista of things to come and I am the creative partner, visualizing, sketching, writing, as the view unfolds.