All healing is about releasing stuck or ‘held’ energy. You may be surprised that this applies to home remodeling too. Within the structure of the building lays an accumulation of emotional/physical/spiritual experiences of its occupants. A key to birthing a healthful habitat is to recognize areas of the home that resist natural flow and to correct this imbalance.

Remodeling projects can be challenging to live through.

When ‘held energies’ of the home begin to unravel, similar unraveling happens within the residents as well. Old passions, family history, unresolved attachments, and repressed memories effervescently rise to the surface, waiting to be acknowledged and released. As with health issues, recognizing the need to release baggage within the structure of the building is an essential part of the overall renewal process. The home becomes a responsive outer layer – a second skin so to speak – that shepherds, teases, and evokes the occupant’s need for release. We are birthing a new habitat.

During construction, sleep patterns are often disturbed, financial resources stretched, routines disrupted, partnerships challenged. The formula known as Rescue Remedy is a five-flower essence combination that is incredibly effective in releasing built-up tension, settling the spirit, and calming the nerves as the construction process accelerates. It allows the “cooler mind” of clear perception to prevail.

Flower Essences encourage a sense of calm in the midst of upheaval.

Noting that I am not a physician –– and participation is 100% the individual’s choice –– at times, when it feels right, I suggest the use of the Flower Essences to a client. The remodeling process creates upheaval to the norm ––  if you are willing and ready, the process can be a creative collaboration that culminates in a beautiful resolution.

Flower Essences are a vibrational adjustment, tinctures of plant energies that flow and support the unique individual’s condition. Essences are homeopathic and differ greatly compared to the allopathic approach of treating everyone the same way. The essences are taken in oral dosages either as drops under the tongue or as pure water infusions sipped throughout the day. The Bach Flower Essences and the Flower Essence Society (just to name two of numerous remarkable sources) manufacture remedies to promote restful repose.

To treat the deeper history of held emotions that sometimes well up as the architecture of the home is changed, I suggest specific individualized essences and combinations. For example, Baby Blue Eyes is useful for childhood issues still unresolved at adulthood; Star of Bethlehem is helpful for past trauma.

The opportunity to resolve and complete lessons that we all carry as life’s baggage is a secondary gain of the Healing Home process. The goal is to create a cleansing movement of prana in the home, leaving no stone unturned.

In my business, I marry design, construction, and healing processes integrally. By fitting the designed space to personal and energetic flow, and by addressing how these changes may bring up some of the soul’s dark matter to be released, I hope to help create a new vision for how we live. The marriage of opportunity – to release held limit /trauma in a structure, in concert with the use of flower essences to aid and resolve issues – is a new direction, a far more interesting and dynamic way of looking at “home.”

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