We love our homes. We put tremendous care into the organization of the spaces and environment we live in. Being in balance with the personal and physical energies that surround us not only says a lot about who we are, but plays a dynamic role in our well being. Recognizing these conditions and making the subtle and not-so-subtle changes to amplify the positive influences is the goal of The Healing Home.

So, what does Healing have to do with Home?

Take a moment to think on this: You are sensitive to the flow of natural energy. All you need to do is stand in a strong breeze or a fast moving stream and you are feeling this flow. Your home also stands in the slipstreams of natural currents. The design, location, furnishings, and the personalities of the occupants (past and present) determine the free flow or resistance to this energy. Think of the house structure and inner/outer environments as a type of clothing or second skin, which surrounds you.

Air Quality

My first consideration for a healthful environment is, do the windows and doors allow the refreshment of air? On the most basic health level, abundant fresh air and oxygen support good health. Even if you can’t see it, air carries a vital force called PRANA in its energy signature. If air “feels” fresh and clean it is loaded with oxygen and pranic power.

In a healthy home the prana and natural flow needs to reach all corners, and like your breath, move in and out continually feeding, nourishing, and supporting empowered living on a clear fine breezy day. Standing quietly, can you feel the flow?

On a practical level, the closed loop of an air conditioning and hot air furnace recycle the air discouraging replenishment of prana. So we make sure there is a supply of fresh air into the ductwork, or at least a window open somewhere on a lower floor.

  • When I encounter a building without good air circulation I look at:
  • Roof and attic ventilation (ridge vents, soffit vents)
  • Window function • Water and moisture issues
  • Clutter in general

The equation is simple: Good Circulation = Abundant Oxygen & Prana = Health.

Fresh air breathed deeply and released fully is highly cleansing. The blood flows through the lungs and is bathed in oxygen and prime force. Spent energy, toxins, and carbon dioxide are released in the out breath. In the same way the body breathes in air and releases toxins, a home does as well.

It is intriguing to note: We can live a month or more without food. We can only live for a week or less without water. We can only live for a few minutes without oxygen.

Most disruptive microorganisms thrive in low or no oxygen environments. Think of how many office buildings (where some people spend more than a third of their lives) are totally sealed off from fresh air. Add to that the closed and dirty air ducts, and you have a recipe for disease of one form or another. If we allow the structure to breathe freely there is less stress on our immune systems as well.

In new homes we apply breathable house wraps like Tyvek, and utilize soffit venting, attic gable and ridge vents, and fresh air supply to duct systems. These can be added to older homes as well.

In my remodeling work I have actually felt a release, a “sigh of relief,” when the roof has been torn off or siding removed during a remodeling project. The building actually “inhales” after a long period of constraint.

Natural Materials

This means using environmentally non-toxic, sustainable, free trade products wherever possible and as the budget permits. It also means using powerful natural resource materials such as wood, stone, copper, air and water to add lively textural substance to the project.


Craftsmanship and the artisan’s passion add a tangible energy to every design. Adding the pride of handmade mastery in even the simplest of details is the key to quality and long-lasting integrity.

Healing Home DESIGNS offers a unique range of experience: 35+ years of practical design/build knowledge in every architectural style and context blended with a life-long holistic perspective. Environmental and technical awareness direct the finished product to efficient use of energy on all levels.

Let’s boost the connection between who we are and where we live.