You love your home, your nest, your abode.

You have been thinking about all of the changes you might do if:

  • You had the money
  • You knew exactly what you would change
  • You had the expertise to do it
  • You knew who to call to get it done

Every homeowner who has ever called me has an idea for “something different, something better” to improve the function and flow of their home. Usually they need a creative partner with the talent and practical knowledge to get the process going. I love to hear these ideas and to help make them real.

Forget the money for now. Dreams cost nothing. Sit down with paper and pen and make your “Wish List”.

  • New kitchen counters
  • Better closets
  • New doors and windows
  • Solar panels
  • Second story or master suite
  • Refinish the floors

Life is a growth process, a journey from youthful folly to wisdom, a voyage through opportunity and choice. Dream large, be patient, and follow through on your decisions as best you can.

With 35+ years of Design/Build experience, The Healing Home will assess your Wish List from a realistic, aesthetic perspective and will help you bring it to a confident completion.

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