Share the visualization.

A simple ‘before’ and ‘after’ floor plan allows the Designer and Client to see what is being proposed. Starting with accurate measurements of the existing structure evokes the adage, “Start out right, end up right.”

Sketch the major details.

Often a plan focuses on a few key details. Sketching them shares the spirit of the vision and aids in its manifestation. The “team” (the homeowners, designers, sub-contractors) can get behind an idea if it is clearly visualized. The last thing we want to hear is, “I didn’t think it was going to look like that.”


After an agreed-upon concept is established move on to CAD. To get a building permit, electronic files make the process concise and exact.

Tight contracts with builders come from inclusive planning.

The final set of drawings becomes a key component of a tight contract. Most construction agreements state: “This proposal is based on the Plans and Specifications dated X/Y/Z.” There can be few mistaken conclusions if the information is on the plans.

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